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The light at the top of this mountain is the top of the Aiguille Du Midi, Europes highest cable car at 3842 metres.

Start of the Aiguille Du Midi

Second stage of the Aiguille Du Midi, a rise of 1.5kms.

Maintenance work as the car heads up from 2317 metres to 3824 metres.

From inside the cable car near the top. The middle station and pub next to it can be seen in the photo.

The Aiguille Du Midi has had 2 accidents in the last year. First the cable was accidentally dropped to the ground while shorting it, costing 2 million euros to put it back up. The second was when the operator forgot to stop the cable car slamming it into the station at over 20kph during a routine operation. Luckily, no one was hurt in either incident.
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