THE BBB 1997


JAKE1.jpg (52284 bytes)

A slightly modified 120y 4 door auto gets the Colin MaRae Treatment

JAKE2.jpg (70145 bytes)

The same above mentioned Y on the return leg

JULES1.jpg (29058 bytes)

Mr Julian Wain provides some spectator excitement and some photographer
angst, as he continues to gather serious momentum as well as hand-fulls of  opposite lock.

LOSSER.jpg (40162 bytes)

This is the car at the START of the day.
Two things to point out 1) the old radiator sitting to the left of the car
2) the fact that there is still one headlight left

WAG1.jpg (28203 bytes)

Cam giving the wagon a caining along the main straight
(13'' rims and body roll give the it a cool lowed look you should try it on your road car
all you need is some really fucked shocks)

WAG2.jpg (43735 bytes)

This time I think it's Marty in the Wagon (not shore where he is going but I think it is not going in
in the desired direction.)

WAG3.jpg (45883 bytes)

Cam in his future wife Marilyn in search of some action
(we thought the car was stuffed or something, but it was actually Marilyn squealing in delight)

WINNER.jpg (47838 bytes)

What a winner!

TURTLE.jpg (28149 bytes)

The TURTLE a seemingly sedate dato 1000 But Keith couldn't help himself
and Genetically Modified  the old dear with the use of a Subaru 4WD.
Should be called Gamera instead

ga12.jpg (7157 bytes)