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240K burnout Video

Sorry guys, you'll have to come back tommorrow, no racing after dark....

This 808 wagon got itself well and truly bogged.

Al's turbo-charged colt never quite ran right but that turbo certainly sounded good.

After hitting a tree this 808 broke its radiator, battery, both engine mounts and bent the strut tower over to almost touch the air cleaner. It was also stuck in gear so probably bent a shift rod.

New environmentally friendly toy with a full head of steam.

Looks like the old tractor has been superseeded.

Another new toy, great for moving cars about.

Dan's 240K went pretty hard all weekend.

4WD Subaru certainly had the grip in the wet.

hmmm, why won't this damn car move anywhere.

Three cars were needed to push one out of thebog.

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