Rotary Engine Simulator

I wrote this program because I was looking for an animation that could be controlled with the mouse. There were many available on the internet, many of which were quite advanced, but all of them ran continuously. I also wanted to be able to modify the basic dimensions of the rotary, as well as compare the rotary to a piston motor side by side.

This program requires the Microsoft .Net Framework to be installed. Once the framework is installed the program can be downloaded and extracted to a directory (currently it needs to be installed manually).

What the heck is the .Net Framework?

A PDA version is also available for Windows CE and Pocket PC devices.

.Net Framework
.Net Compact Framework (required for the PDA version only)
Rotary Simulator

This is the basic animation of the rotary engine. The engine can be controlled by moving the mouse across the slider at the top or its speed can be controlled using the scrollbar. Top speed is a wopping 300rpm :)
Twin Rotor

Comparison between a twin rotor engine and a six cylinder motor shows some very interesting results.
Rotary/Piston engine comparison

The basic dimensions of the rotary can be modified to create other designs
Five sided rotor

Piston motors have been included also.

PDA Version